I love Uniwar and I think it is a wonderful game. One thing that I've noticed about Uniwar is that there is a shortage of online strategy tips about the game. Sure, there have been some guides in the forums about how to play different races, but these guides are inevitably typo-ridden and somewhat-out-of-date.

I've started updating the Uniwar Wikia unit articles, starting with the Marine , and I'd love it if any or all of you (who I know love Uniwar just as much or more) would be willing to help. The wikia articles are largely useless right now, unless you for some reason want to look up unit stats online instead of in the game.

My goal is to have helpful strategic information on every unit in the game, to help beginners and experienced players learn how to play multi-player better. So instead of just re-phrasing what the stats say, write down which tactical situations are best for this unit. For example, under Marine I wrote about how even though they're a weak unit overall, when they stand on mountain & forest tiles they become incredibly stat-efficient, especially against units like Garuda and Helicopter. People who are new to the game or new to Sapiens can use this information to start trading efficiently in their games and win.

When I started playing Starcraft II a little while ago, I would always look up unit strategy information on liquipedia. The most useful thing to me on that site is that it has strategic information AND unit counters (like which units are strong against which other units). So for an example of a useful article, see .

If you'd like to help out with this endeavor, please take a unit article or two and do the following:

  • Write which situations the unit is strong in
  • Write which situations the unit is weak in
  • Make a list of 3 units (one from each race) that the unit is strong against & weak against
  • Delete some of the more useless entries from the "Stats" table (such as "underground mobility" for all units except for Underling)

Again, the most useful thing you can do for less experience players is to show them which situations the units are good in. Unit stats are abundantly available -- what new players need is the knowledge of how to decide whether to make a Wyrm, or a Pinzer and one Underling. Thanks all!