The Titan Mecha and Eclipse have the ability to teleport around the map. They can teleport to any non-base tile on the map that is visible with the current fog of war. After teleporting, the unit will be disabled (as if EMP'ed) for one full round. Afterwards, the ability to teleport will be on cooldown for several rounds and the unit will not be able to teleport for a while.

Common uses for teleportation:

  • Teleporting a heavily wounded unit away from battle so it can repair
  • Teleport a mecha near an enemy base to try to capture it soon
  • Teleport a mecha to block enemy movement, for example, to prevent an enemy from taking back a base that you're capturing, or to prevent an enemy from attacking a higher-value target such as a walker
  • In larger maps, teleporting is essential for capturing bases that are far away from your starting point and can give Titans a huge competitive edge depending on the number of bases and the difficulty of getting to them without teleporting.