The wolverine tactic involves placing a fast healing unit like the Speeder or Marauder or tougher units like the Tank or Pinzer on a medical bay and letting it sit there even though an enemy is approaching. A unit that normally heals at +2 a round, like the Speeder, will heal at +6 on a medical bay. This is more damage than a lot of units can inflict, meaning the Speeder can sit there, being damaged each round, and also fully healing each round.


Meat Shield

There are many variations on the meat shield, but the basic concept to prevent damage to one unit by shielding it from attack with another unit. Often this means protecting expensive units with cheap ones, but it could also be explained as absorbing damage with units that can take it to prevent damage to units that can't. For example, if you have a helicopter with 10 health and a helicopter with 2 left, and you can maneuver in a way to allow the enemy to attack one or the other (instead of both), it makes obvious sense to take the damage on the helicopter at 10.

Claiming territory / preventing movement

Blocking a base

Studies of specific games

Individual matches are named for the map with a number added at the end, XELNAGACAV79809 for example.

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