Titans speeder
The Speeder is the fastest unit of the Titan race, and one of only a few units in the game that can move again after attacking. Its high mobility gives it significant utility in the game and it often dominates early-game and/or low-income battles. It especially excels in large maps with lots of open terrain, since it receives a heavy penalty to both mobility and defense when travelling on forest, and it cannot traverse mountains.

The speeder is strongest against GL units and artillery targets. However, if the GL is standing on a forest or mountain tile, it is usually not cost-effective to attack it, because of the huge attack and defense bonus it gets. It is strong against artillery whenever the Titan army can manage to outmaneuver the enemy army and get the speeder in range of its artillery.

The speeder is also very useful for capturing bases. For example, if there is an enemy Sapiens base that is being defended by a single, low-health Marine, the Speeder can attack the Marine to finish it off, and then use its move-after-attack to sit on the base. However, speeders on city tiles receive a -1 penalty to defense, making them almost as week as a Marine. So this strategy only works when the base is far enough away from the enemy that they won't be able to attack the speeder sufficiently before you get a Mecha close enough to the base to capture it.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Strong against:

  • Sapien squishies
    • Engineer
    • Battery
  • Titan squishies
    • Assimilator
    • Walker
  • Khralean squishies
    • Infector
    • Swarmer

Weak against:

  • Tank
  • Plasma Tank
  • Pinzer


Type Ground Heavy (GH)
Cost 250
Mobility 16
Mobility after Attack 6
Vision (FoW) 6
Repair Points 2
Defense Strength 8
Attack Range 1
Attack strength VS ground light 10
Attack strength VS ground heavy 5
Attack strength VS aerial 5
Attack strength VS aquatic 5
Attack after move Yes


“RUN B*TCH! IT’S A SPEEDER!” That’s what marines will yell when they see a speeder. If enemies spams infrantries, it’s a good time to use a speeder, it has incredible anti-infrant power. Just make sure they’re not exposed to long-range fires or there’s a heavy land unit ruins your seizing plan, or there’s a mountain blocks its way and get ambushed under the hills.

Choose to fight on deserts if possible. Heavy units will not get an decrease on stats if they are on deserts.

I’ve to remind you one thing that, it has the HIGHEST mobility among all Titan units. Use them to cover the unoccupied base tiles (Because only light units can capture bases, this made Speeders a perfect hunting ground at early stage) and explore the unseen area (if FoW activated) as early as possible.