Titans mecha
This unit is slow, but compensates with strong attack and defense for its type. The Mecha can also teleport to any location on the field that is visible, except bases. Teleporting disables the unit for 1 round and needs time to recharge.


Cost 100
Mobility 7
Mobility Underground 0
Mobility after Attack 0
Vision (FoW) 4
Repair Points 1
Defense Strength 6
Attack Range 1
Attack strength VS ground light 6
Attack strength VS ground heavy 3
Attack strength VS aerial 3
Attack strength VS aquatic 2
Attack after move Yes
Teleport Yes
Special force N/A
EMP radius N/A
UV radius N/A
Number of moves per turn 1


Mechas are slow. How can they capture bases quickly? Just make use of their TELEPORT ability! It saves much time and effort to capture those bases far away from the original location. but make sure tiles next to bases in sight, and teleported mechas are save from threats.

If you’ve got lots of money, you can spam a lot of mechas and teleport lots of them (like illegal immigrants) next to enemies’ bases to block their troops coming out, especially tank units. If not all of your scraps are destroyed, just CAPTURE THEIR BASES! You can also use this method for other kinds of blockades.

Here are some strengths and weaknesses you want to know.

Strong aginst: Engineers (If you take it out before it converts you), Assimilators (UVs are not harmful to any Titan units), Infectors (Toxins? Not for robots.)

Weak aginst: Engineers (Converting your mechas into theirs), Highly-defensive units (tough armour things such as tanks and Pingas (kidding, that’s Pinzers)), Anti-infrant units (Marauders, Speeders and swarmers)