Almost all of the maps are created by the community with the exception of a handful of maps made by the developer. In order for a map to be put into the ranked games pool, it has to get ranked itself. The requirements to get a map ranked are 25+ upvotes and a 70% or better ratio of upvotes to downvotes. The hollow star symbol next to map name will then turn into a filled yellow star signifying it is ranked.

Map Modes

Capture enemy bases

This is the most common and only type of map able to be ranked. Maps for standard gameplay where victory is achieved by either covering or capturing all enemy bases.

Destroy enemy units

The objective is to destroy all opponents units as opposed to capturing bases. This type of map can have no bases on it.

Capture the flag

First person to capture the neutral base (flag), wins regardless of enemy units killed or bases captured.

Survival (10, 20, or 30 rounds)

The objective is to survive a set number of rounds.

Map Editor

To reach the map editor, press community button, and it is the option at the bottom of pop-up. Any given Uniwar account can create and publish up to 99 maps.

Map editor

The key element to building a balanced map is symmetry. There are multiple ways to achieve this by mirroring the top/bottom, left/right, diagonally, or mirror quadrants. Another consideration in balance are putting neutral bases 4 hexes away from each player. 4 hexes is the maximum amount of distance where all 3 races can capture the base in 2 turns.

Specific Maps