File:Khralean kurs.png

Khraleans are a race of bugs and insects. They live as a tribe and incorporate strength in numbers. As said, units themselves are not so strong, but being less expensive and numerous while their overall mobility is great, but falls short when compared to Sapien maneuverability as they are clearly faster than them. They can dominate the field together and not only they have the numbers, they are also the fastest healers in the game, although their healing multiplier, the Infector, is much more expensive than usual because it gives x3 multiplier instead of x2. Their unit composition is mainly aerial as their price is in between the 2 ground units, Underling and Pinzer are either too weak (Underling) or too expensive (Pinzer) to operate, especially in SvK matches as both are countered by a platoon of Helicopters, but your platoon of Garudas and Swarmers can fight this off alongside with Infector's Plague ability if you can, but be extra careful about dealing with Marines though as they can offset this. In addition to said units above, Wyrm can support them quickly in short distances as it can move and attack at the same time and to a greater extent, Leviathan can do this better as it is the Sapien Tank of the sea as it's very cheap for an aquatic unit, but this is traded off by a relatively low anti-air power. Using all the available units in unity will make this race shine as they can support each other fast.