Khraleans infector
This unit can infect Marines to become part of your army, but cannot attack or defend itself. It can unleash a plague onto the Sapiens that will weaken them every round. Your Infected Marines can also be poisoned if within range. Move the Infector next to damaged units and it will multiply their repair rate by 3.

Plague Attack

Range of the plague attack: 2 cells.

Infector range-2014

Range of the infector plague


Cost 300
Mobility 8
Mobility Underground 0
Mobility after Attack 0
Vision (FoW) 3
Repair Points 1
Defense Strength 0
Attack Range 1
Attack strength VS ground light 0
Attack strength VS ground heavy 0
Attack strength VS aerial 0
Attack strength VS aquatic 0
Attack after move Yes
Teleport No
Special force Plague
EMP radius N/A
UV radius N/A
Number of moves per turn 1