Titan light ground unit. Deployed for the first time during the war on the exoplanet Sharon VI, this unit claimed a decisive victory. Since that day, it instills fear on the battle field. It is highly mobile and its ability to pierce the heaviest defenses has no equal for the price. Its ranged attack gives it a unique versatility.


Cost 350
Mobility 10
Mobility Underground 0
Mobility after Attack 0
Vision (FoW) 2
Repair Points 0
Defense Strength 3
Attack Range 1-2
Attack strength VS ground light 7
Attack strength VS ground heavy 7
Attack strength VS aerial 8
Attack strength VS aquatic 7
Armor piercing VS ground heavy 45%
Armor piercing VS ground light 45%
Attack after move Yes
Capture bases Yes
Teleport Yes
Number of moves per turn 1