Titans eclipse
The Eclipse is what makes air-based strategies useless against titans. The eclipse has the highest anti-air attack of any unit in the game, and it is only 400 credits. In addition, it has a range of 2, which gives it the ability to decimate Garudas and Helicopters (both have attack range 1) without taking any damage. The only aerial unit that can attack back with a range of 2 is the Swarmer, which can only do a point or two of damage to ground heavy units like the Eclipse.

Although the Eclipse is very useful against aerial units, it is cost-inefficient against most other units, because of the very mobile Speeder unit available for only 250 credits. For this reason, Eclipses should only be produced when there is a significant threat from aerial units. They find limited utility once the aerial threat has been neutralized, because of their 2 range and ability to teleport, but for all other purposes, the speeder is generally better.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Strong against:

  • Helicopter
  • Garuda
  • Swarmer

Weak against:

  • Any non-aerial unit (GLs and GHs alike)


Type GH (Ground Heavy)
Cost 400
Mobility 10
Vision (FoW) 4
Repair Points 1
Defense Strength 9
Attack Range 1-2
Attack strength VS ground light 10
Attack strength VS ground heavy 4
Attack strength VS aerial 12
Attack strength VS aquatic 5
Special ability Teleport


As this is the only medium range unit in Titan race, you must make a good use of it. You can use it to fire on melee or short range units (whatever, those units have range of 1 only) and they won’t fire back.

If you gotta build a defence line with Plasma Tanks, you’d better bring Eclipss along. Plasmas got weak anti-air but Eclipses got good anti-air ability.

Eclipse is a teleportable unit like mechas, means have a better mobility that sometimes you don’t have to worry about mountain terrin blocks the way.

Consider about using Eclipses to assist Mechas to capture empty bases that are close (but not TOO CLOSE, when they’re stunned they are like idiots and they are very likely to be the target being fired) to enemy’s territory. Their longer-range attacks and heavy armour might help.

But there’s another use of their teleporting.

Think. They’re TANKS! They’re ARMOURED! Nice for blockades!

Why not spam (not exectly, they’re too expensive to spam. You may do it with Mechas) them and warp them to the foes’ path. Surprise gift deliveried! This can hold your foes a bit.