Sapiens destroyer
The Destroyer is, along with the Hydronaut, one of the most expensive units in the game at 800 credits. It is aquatic and, as such, can only be produced from aquatic bases.

Like the other races' aquatic capital ships (Hydronauts for the Titans and Leviathans for the Khraleans), the Destroyer has good range, defense, and heavy attack against all other unit types. Where the Destroyer differs from Hydronauts and Leviathans is in its mobility and anti-aquatic attack. With a mobility of 12, the Destroyer can move 4 spaces, compared to Hydronauts' and Leviathans' 3.

Its anti-aquatic attack strength of 16 allows it to trade very advantageously against Hydronauts and Leviathans when both sides are within attack range of each other. However, if Hydronauts can attack from range 4, they can do significant damage to a Destroyer. On the other hand, if a Destroyer can get within 1 range of a Hydronaut, it can cripple it (~8 damage) without taking any damage itself.


Type AQ (aquatic)
Cost 800
Mobility 12
Vision (FoW) 7
Repair Points 2
Defense Strength 12
Attack Range 1-3
Attack strength VS ground light 10
Attack strength VS ground heavy 10
Attack strength VS aerial 12
Attack strength VS aquatic 16
Attack after move Yes