Titans cyber underling
Transformed by Assimilators, this unit gains strength against both Heavy and Light units and an increase in defense. It is also able to attack Aerial units and can still bury itself and move underground. Resurface to attack with greater strength.


Cost 0
Mobility 10
Mobility Underground 6
Mobility after Attack 0
Vision (FoW) 4
Repair Points 1
Defense Strength 6
Attack Range 1
Attack strength VS ground light 7
Attack strength VS ground heavy 4
Attack strength VS aerial 2
Attack strength VS aquatic 2
Attack after move Yes
Teleport No
Special force N/A
EMP radius N/A
UV radius N/A
Number of moves per turn 1


Similar to normal underlings, you can use them to attack ranged units with blind spots (by underground), such as walkers and rocket launchers, with a greater strength. Because they gains anti-air ability, aerial units aren’t their weaknesses ever, you can use them for assistance on attacking aerial units.

Let’s see what foes he can beat and what cannot!

Strong aginst: Engineers (Nothing works on them), Infectors (Nothing works on them), Assimilators (Once converted by one side, it can do nothing on it)

Weak aginst: Highly-defensive units (such as tanks and pinzers), anti-infrant units (such as marauders and speeders)