• S3M420

    No administrators

    October 19, 2016 by S3M420

    In order for this wiki to really get off the ground, we need administrators. There are 2 on this wiki, but have not logged in over a year. There is a process to request a takeover, and this is the first step. The first thing I wanted to do on here, was clean it up. There are multiple pages on the same subject and many stubs that just need deleted. Only admins can do this... So this is a problem. My first question, anyone want to step up to the plate? I know there can be multiple admins (which I would prefer).

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  • Japhib

    Starting to update unit info

    October 10, 2016 by Japhib


    I love Uniwar and I think it is a wonderful game. One thing that I've noticed about Uniwar is that there is a shortage of online strategy tips about the game. Sure, there have been some guides in the forums about how to play different races, but these guides are inevitably typo-ridden and somewhat-out-of-date.

    I've started updating the Uniwar Wikia unit articles, starting with the Marine , and I'd love it if any or all of you (who I know love Uniwar just as much or more) would be willing to help. The wikia articles are largely useless right now, unless you for some reason want to look up unit stats online instead of in the game.

    My goal is to have helpful strategic information on every unit in the game, to help beginners and experienced…

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