Titans assimilator
This support unit cannot attack and has no defense, but its UV ability will damage all Khralean (it does not damage buried units) and Sapien units within 5 tiles of it by 1 point. It takes 11 rounds to recharge the UV. It can also convert an Underling next to it into a cybernetic creature that joins your army. Move it next to friendly units to multiply their repair rate by 2. Have multiple Assimilators surrounding a heavily damaged unit to repair it more quickly.


Cost 200
Mobility 6
Mobility Underground 0
Mobility after Attack 0
Vision (FoW) 3
Repair Points 1
Defense Strength 0
Attack Range 1
Attack strength VS ground light 0
Attack strength VS ground heavy 0
Attack strength VS aerial 0
Attack strength VS aquatic 0
Attack after move No
Teleport No
Special force UV
EMP radius N/A
UV radius 5
Number of moves per turn 1


You cas use them next to repair stations (or healing pads) to boost repairing, but make sure you have guards or they’ll be easily destroyed.

For uses of UV bursts, because it does not care about the dedensive strength of foes in range, use them for harming tough units, especially TANKS and PINZERS (not for any Titan units).

What do this thing works?

Strong aginst: Nothing (Although they have UV burst, they have no strength), except underlings as you can make them yours

Weak aginst: Any harmful units